Slaying in the Apple Watch 

       Growing up in a household where my grandfather is a professional watch maker, watches have never really been a “must have” accessory for me. I’ve had multiple watches throughout my life ranging from cheap to somewhat expensive and irregardless of the price difference, they all ended up in the same “forgotten” pile. All of a sudden, everyone around me is talking about the Apple Watch and how much they “need” to have it. I did some research on it and I must say, it didn’t really blow me away….. Needless to say, I bought the watch and gave it a go. 

         “30 minutes later” (guy from spongebob’s voice) I finished setting up and customizing my new Apple Watch. For the first couple of weeks, it made absolutely no difference whether I left it home or carried it with me. I can’t recall the day my attachment to the watch changed, but somehow I find myself using the Apple Watch for everything now. I use it for texting, phone calls, quick apps (weather, calculator, exercise,etc.), and my new found love for counting calories. My favorite part of the watch is the ease in which I can view my daily calorie burn on a regular day without exercise and with exercise. It has helped maintain me more active through its movement reminders and “acknowledgements” page after a specific amount of calories or move goal has been achieved. It is the only watch that has remained on my wrist as a necessity rather than because it matched my outfit. 

        Speaking of outfits, it has customizable bands. My watch came with the black classic leather band in black. I bought sport bands in the following colors: neon green, vintage rose and sand. I love the fact that I can slay in the same watch all year round. I constantly alternate between bands giving the illusion I have multiple watches. It’s a great fashion statement that says “I can be fashionable while staying up to date with the most recent technology”. 

     Two thumbs up for the Apple Watch 👍🏼👍🏼


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