My holy grail for Eye Liner 

     Eyeliner is one of those things most women struggle with wether they like to wear a full face of makeup or just like to do focus on their eyes. I’ve used practically every type of eyeliner there is. I started off with pencil eyeliner and eventually graduated to liquid eye liner. I thought I was the shit. Lol.

     One day I stumbled upon gel eyeliner in my local CVS and fell in love. From that point forward, I never went back to liquid or pencil eyeliner (except for the waterline). My go-to-drug-store gel liner is the Maybelline lasting drama gel liner. It was everything it claimed to be. It was long lasting and applied smoothly.

Maybelline Lasting drama Gel Liner

     For those that like name brands, Bobbi Brown has a very good gel eyeliner. It’s long-lasting and stays nice and dark all day long (same as the Maybelline gel liner). I have both in my collection. 

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner

     A good gel liner is only step one in the journey to achieving that perfect wing. The new challenge was finding a good eyeliner brush to apply it with in order to get that sharp wing.

Sephora angled brush #90

     One day, I stumbled into the Sephora at the Staten Island mall and while looking through their brushes, I found one of my holy grail items for achieving that sharp wing. It is the “must-have angled liner” from the Sephora collection #90. The brush has a flat angled shape that helps follows the shape of the eye while drawing a precise line.

MAC 266 angled-brush

     A great substitution for the Sephora angled brush #90 is the MAC 266 angled brush!! Both brushes are amazing for creating sharp, precise lines. 

 I’ve found that i always reach for my Bobbi brown gel liner and Sephora brush when I’m in a rush to get a sharp wing within a short amount of time. On those days when I have a bit more time to spend on my eye makeup, I seem to pick up my MAC 266 brush. I can still achieve the same sharpening but it does take me a bit longer since the bristles are a bit longer than the Sephora brush therefore forcing me to be more careful when drawing my line.

What are your favorite angled brushes and eye liners to use ?? 


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